the true face of bravery

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

bravery has more than one face.

true courage hides in the shadows of everyday men and women who do extraordinary things in everyday ordinary circumstances.

courage is found in those who resist the oppressing forces of fear and hatred, no matter their mask or face, no matter the cause they hide behind.

a hero doesn’t have to wear a uniform or fight, nor does a hero have to die — a true hero only needs to stand up for those who are unable to.

a hero isn’t someone who is fearless, a true hero is one who acts out of compassion, despite their overwhelming fear — they act decisively, in pursuit of all that is decent and good, in spite of their fear.

they are selfless when they see others suffering, no matter if it’s animal or beast, forest or land, river or ocean — they will lend a hand, even to those from faraway lands who they don’t understand.

they know that compassion is the common language that unites us all.

a hero does whatever they possibly can when others are in great need, even when there’s nothing to visibly gain. they put others first, regardless of their very own pain.

a hero puts all else aside, to stand up for what is fundamentally right, even when it goes against popular public opinion, even when it’s not fashionable to do so — even when no one is watching.

they inspire others to take a stand, so that they too can then carry on to help bring positive change.

a true hero's values remain unswayed by politics, patriotism, or religious belief. they pursue peace and equality above all else — amongst all sentient beings.

this true face of bravery is already within you too.

your courage is found in how you treat those around you, but it must first begin with being kind to yourself.

be a hero.