Video Blog: Transcending Our Concepts

It’s been awhile since I’ve connected with you via video, so I recorded a doozy of one for you… a 33 minute random rambling on the topic of conceptual thinking, the stories we tell ourselves, and the reality of non-duality.

I discuss how each of us lives within our very own "Dream of Life”, created by the concepts we choose to believe in, which includes all of the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences, about our self, and about the world.

What stories do you self-identify with?

What concepts have you convinced yourself into believing to be true?

What stories do you refuse to let go of that continue to define how you experience life?

What is the nature of the “virtual reality” that you’ve unknowingly created for yourself, which thereby conditions your moods and emotions, which you then project back onto the world?

In each and every moment, you distort the truth of reality with your concepts of it.

Observe yourself. Become self-aware.

Know thyself, by quieting the conceptual mind.

Once you are no longer bound by egoic stories of duality and are no longer confined by imaginings of mind, the true self is revealed along with a profound sense of peace, calm and happiness.

Empty of grasping at concepts... confusion disappears.

Much love,
Brian Thompson