Video Blog: Awakening to Your True Self

Wanna' go for another walk on the beach with me while I clear up some confusion on the "I" that we all believe ourselves to be?

When consciousness becomes aware of itself, you awaken to your True Self—your presence of unbound awareness.

This is your I AM—the very essence of your being.

You are not the thought "I am sad", "I am in trouble", "I am lonely", or "I am in need of this or that”—you are the unflinching consciousness in which each of these thoughts arises.

You are not anything that you can append onto the "I". You are only this, an awareness that is aware—you are not anything you are aware of—including your thoughts and feelings

Abide in your liberating presence of I AM, and watch all of your imagined problems dissolve inside the bliss of your infinite awareness.

Much love,
Brian Thompson