That which perceives never comes and goes…

words & design by Brian Thompson.

That which perceives never comes and goes, unlike the perceived objects themselves. There is only changeless and choiceless awareness, and You are That.

The Self needs no thought to Be. It alone, Is.

The Self is free of any sense of subjectivity, for it is neither the subject of consciousness, nor an object of consciousness. Rather, it is the very presence of absolute nothingness that all perceived objects, sensations and perceptions flow from and appear within.

When you become able to effortlessly abide in this Self Realization, you become free—free of the world, free of the mind, and free of the ego; all of which are one and the same. You awaken from the dream of life; you awaken from your imagined egoic self, that which creates all problems, confusion, and suffering.

The Self is not something, it is nothing. It is the absence of form; it is the formless essence that permeates all that is perceived and that allows all somethings to appear. It is the source and substance of all that Is—the bliss of unbound, infinite and eternal emptiness.

This is your essential nature—the subtle suchness of the Self.

Know yourself and all will be well. Inquire into the very nature of the self that you perceive as being “you”.

Ask yourself, Who am I?
Don’t answer—just listen to your inner silence; it speaks without any words.

Who is the I who thinks?
Who is the I who feels?
Who is the I who sleeps?
Who is the I who dreams?

Abide in the quiescent spaciousness that unfolds after each question is posed.

Who is the I who reads these words?
To whom do all of these sensory perceptions and sensations appear?

Who am I?

What is this concept of I, that I perceive as being me?
Where does this sense of I reside?
From where did I arise?

Who exists as I?

Now… who is the I who is aware of all these happenings that infinitely appear within the core of your being, in every moment of your life? What is this aware presence that you perceive yourself as and that has always been there, unchanging, ever since memory first began?

Are there limits to your awareness? Are there edges to it? Does it have an inside and an outside? Does it have a centre?

Does this sense of perennial awareness seem young, or old? Does it have any preferences or opinions, or is it just always effortlessly aware?

Discover the witnessing presence within and realize that there is no one there—there is only an empty and aware nothingness—a blissful void of unbound consciousness.

There is no self to have a personal identity. There is no separate entity that is divided from the world it perceives. There is no individual there whatsoever.

There is only an ever-present and all-pervading presence awareness—You are That.

Once the mind and ego has been transcended, the suchness of the true Self is realized. It is revealed to not be a personal, nor individual presence, but an impersonal and unlocalized aware essence.

Through this practice of self-inquiry, you touch the infinite—you realize the Self—the universal, shared essence of beingness that is the substratum of all life—Absolute Reality—the infinite ocean of consciousness.

Let this practice of self-investigation be your sole focus throughout each day, carrying it through morning to night. Stay single-pointed in your efforts of self-inquiry, making every moment a meditation.

Know yourself. Contemplate your consciousness. Understand the nature of mind.

Uncover the truth of reality that’s within every experience and that that's behind every perceived moment—and be free.