The Art of Living

photo & words by Brian Thompson.

The Art of Living lies within the skill to be happy and content with whatever you have.

Quit wishing for things to be different.

You don't need more stuff.
You don't need that thing that other person has.
You don't need for this moment to somehow be better than what it presently is.

Quit waiting for your life to get better—make it better here and now by improving your attitude to the world that's around you.

You don't need any more distractions, you already have too many—what you truly need is to open your eyes and see the magic that's dancing around you.

You are always at one with your environment—it can be no other way—so take it all in with your full awareness, it is the very living essence of your entire being.

Breathe in the air—this is it.
Look up to the clouds in the sky—this is it.
Watch the trees dance in the wind—this is it.

This is all you.

Every moment is perfect—it just needs to be noticed as such.

Appreciate what you have in front of you, here and now. Absorb this very moment into the fibre of your soul—this moment is alive, and so are you!

THIS is life, this very moment—it will never get any better than this breath which you've just breathed in.

Peacefully abide in the present, without wishing for things to be otherwise, and every moment becomes a blessing.

“The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”
—Zig Ziglar