The burden of loneliness

words & design by Brian Thompson.

It is impossible for anyone to truly understand us.

No matter who or what we surround ourselves with, we are always alone in our minds. This is inescapable. Wherever we go, there we are. For many, this sense of alone-ness is the source of much existential pain.

The world is ours to interpret however we choose, as our experience of it is unique for each of us. And so, the universe we have each created contains all but one, ourselves. This is our dream.

As long as we continue to believe that we are solely the contents of our thoughts, we will forever be alone. But our thoughts come and ago just like a passing breeze. We shouldn’t burden ourselves by trying to self-identify with such a whimsical, insubstantial thing.

The sense that we are each separate and alone is only an illusion.

In truth, we rely upon one another more than anyone could possibly fathom. We are entwined together in our humanity, which itself is eternally entangled within our environment, and the entirety of the cosmos.

We mustn’t take our minds so seriously. We must realize that we are not the thoughts inside our head. Sure, we experience the spontaneity of endless thoughts, but we also experience random itches on our body—and you don’t take those personally, so why be burdened by a brief thought? They’re no different than an itch, both are merely a sensation. Both are not you. If you have a thought, scratch it and be done with it. Don’t linger upon it, as that’s the very activity that veils the realization of your true Self.

When you look into another creature's eyes, what do you see?

You see life. Beyond that, what else is there? You see an alertness, an awareness, an uninterrupted presence of continuous environmental acknowledgement.

This is our shared essence, and it is one and the same between all apparent things—we are each, the knowing that knows.

We share one consciousness, which flows from the same stream. We share one light of awareness, which radiates through each of us and illumines all things, allowing us to know all that is known to us.

We are this, as are all apparent things.

We are one unified consciousness with infinite points of view. Or rather, we are consciousness knowing itself.

You “know” things, in the exact same manner as do I—this is our common “knowing”. There is only this one shared awareness and there is nothing separate or alone about it. We are united in our knowing.

When you perceive things in such a way, the burden of loneliness lifts. You're no longer mired in the duality of thinking that you are separate from the rest of the world. You realize that the light of your Self—conscious awareness—is the very same essence that is found within all things.

When you see your Self shining within everyone and everything, how could you ever possibly feel alone?

But don’t just take my word for it. Explore the nature of your own awareness. What do you find? What are its qualities? Is it limited and defined, or is it limitless and boundless? Who is the “I” with which you refer to yourself?

When I say that I am alone “in" my mind, does that not suggest that “I" am something altogether outside of my mind? If I am aware of my mind, then who is it that is aware?

Is your underlying awareness not identical to mine?

In truth, they are each a droplet from the very same stream, one we both call Home.