The Dream of Self in the Theatre of Mind

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Reality doesn’t give rise to you, it’s you who gives rise to it. Without you, none of this would be here—at least, not as it’s all perceived by you. You and your reality are interdependent upon one another. You co-arise.

After all, you are it’s maker, it’s you who creates this reality— we all do, in each of our own unique and selfish ways. And so, no two realities are ever the same.

You give reality to all of your thoughts and feelings, to all of your beliefs and ideas, and to all of your fears and worries. You give a sense of substance and reality to all of this, and you manifest it all through your power of belief alone.

Whatever you believe, becomes.

Yet none of this truly exists, for without you, it all disappears—it’s only real to you. Your reality needs you. Without you, none of this has any foundation, just as what’s real to me will so too die with me.

What we call reality is merely an illusion projected by our false self.

So what happens when we stop believing in the dream? Without a false self that believes in the illusion, the reality of it all just crumbles away. Experience remains, the show goes on, but the personalized stories with which you identify your Being-ness through crumbles, and with it, all of the unhappiness and dissatisfaction of life.

So, if none of this is real, then what is it? Why, it’s all just one marvelous and enigmatic dream of course!

You see, the trick is to not take life too seriously. It’s all just a dream, and your sense of an individual, separate self is merely a character who’s playing its part upon the screen inside your mind. We’re all just one great big revolving cast of characters. And in your show, you’re the star—everything either happens to you, or because of you (or so you perceive). And this is the primary false belief of our times, that there is a duality and division between you and the rest of the world.

In the dream, everyone has their role and everything has its place. Everyone is doing something to someone.

But in truth, what happens, just happens; and what is, is… and then your mind comes along and tries to create a story around all of it, rather than just letting the experience Be. It’s all just a frivolous attempt to try and understand things, but true understanding is unable to be realized when you’re still stuck inside a dream.

A poet once said, “The universe isn’t made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories.”

But the truth of our nature isn’t made of words, concepts, culture and ideas—it’s made of happenings—it’s made of experiences that can never be truly described, as language is unable to compare with direct experience.

Our universe is made of nothing but pure and absolute being; presence and awareness, unconditioned by mind. To see the truth of things you must first extricate yourself from the dream you’ve wrapped around your reality. You must leave your mind behind.

See the fallacy of the stories you create, all of them. There’s probably at least dozen or so at the top of your mind right now. Realize them for the silly playthings of mind they are. See that all of your beliefs, opinions, concepts and ideas are just scripts to yet another divine (yet tragic) comedy in the dream of life.

Why waste your energy putting on a senseless production that will only serve to unsettle you?

Wake up and see things as they truly are—a fantastic spectacle of mind—one that should not be believed.

Enjoy the show, but don’t become too swept away by the drama or you’ll risk falling back into the dream. If you want to remain awake and be liberated from the constant struggle of life, then remember that all of this is just one hell of an incredible show.

Don't let any part of the dream hold power over you. Get unstuck, free yourself from the illusion! Just like in the movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, to escape, all you need to do... is wake up.

This is the only way to free yourself from the dissatisfaction that defines the human condition.

So kick back, relax, go with the flow, discard your sense of a separate, independent self, and enjoy watching things play out in the theatre of mind that we all happen to call, Me.

Abide in the exhilarating oneness of truth and the reality of our mutual inter-being.