The Dreamworld of a Borrowed Reality with Inherited Beliefs

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Everything we say and think is a reflection of the world we have been raised in, that we now perceive and perpetuate through the same very lens of conditioned knowledge.

In other words, everything within life is borrowed, it isn’t original. Each apparent thing, thought or creation is built on top of what has already come before. All things are a continuance. Nothing is truly our own.

Our language isn’t ours; it’s borrowed from our parents, who borrowed it from theirs. So too are our thoughts, which are borrowed from the structure of the language we speak, which is centered entirely around the use of personal pronouns, subject and object relationships, qualifying adjectives, and verbs that imply a doing that is done by a someone or a something.

Nothing is truly ours.

In fact, there’s not even a ‘you’ who can own anything at all! And this is the prime fallacy that eclipses all other cultural conditionings—that we are each an independent entity (which we call our ‘self') who is able to possess apparent things.

The introduction of the concept of ‘mine’ into our conceptual framework has, in a sense, destabilized the entire paradigm of our original, non-dual nature. Consider for a moment how human society might look if the concepts of 'I, me, and mine' were never introduced to children. What if, in their place, ‘we, us and ours' were taught as the only way of being, where no personal independence was ever implied—only togetherness, oneness, and unity, with no separateness or division.

In truth however, while language certainly appears to exist, it has no independent reality apart from the human mind that thinks it. It is real only within the illusion that is the dreamworld of our own conscious creation.

The true Self knows no language whatsoever, other than the non-verbal transmission of unbound love, permeated by the essence of absolute acceptance.

The true Self possesses no knowledge other than the ever-present knowingness with which it is currently aware (forever refreshed in the spontaneity of the ever-present Now).

Our pre-programmed conditionings forever distort our present moment awareness. This borrowed knowledge is ingrained within our psyche and affects all of our patterns of behaviour. It places an opaque layer of mind over top of the truth of all apparent things, creating a world of concepts rather than reality.

Few people consider how the world that we perceive is created entirely by our conditioned consciousness. Our entire psychology is nothing more than a collection of borrowed concepts that our entire existence is encased within. We assume what we perceive is reality, but yet, it’s actually just a co-created drama that is playing itself out on the movie screen that is the human mind.

We project our conditioned beliefs and borrowed knowledge onto reality and then assume that the distortion is real. The truth remains hidden however, to all those who remain unawake to the dream they are dreaming.

The truth of our nature is one of pure consciousness, unconditioned.

And this is the spiritual quest—to reveal this lost and hidden Self; an unqualified, non-objective presence of unfettered potentiality that arises only within the absolute emptiness of no-mind.

While it is impossible to wipe the mind clean of its programming, we can certainly install new modalities into our mechanism of perceiving, shifting our consciousness into one of clear-seeing that intuitively recognizes the truth of reality that lurks behind the transparency of all apparent things.

We can awaken within the dream of life, becoming lucid dreamers. We can transcend the limitations of the conditioned mind. It is a destructive process however, at least to our so-called normal way of life, but in the search for truth there is simply no other way.

There is only one Truth, and We Are That.

All that is believed and assumed to be known must be surrendered. All un-truths must be exposed and discarded entirely.

You must welcome into your heart nothing other than a blissful and profound presence of continual un-knowingness. The less you know, the closer to being truth-realized you become.

Only then can the revelation of one's true nature be self-realized. But it is nothing that is acquired, found, earned or learned.

It is simply a permanent shift in perspective, one that reveals the truth of All That Is.

This is the reality of a true non-dual awakening of spiritual enlightenment—the realization that you are not you, that things are not things, that you are not the doer of all that you seem to be doing, and that nothing is how it appears.

With this realization, nothing is any longer taken to be personal, as there is no longer a separate self to be concerned with any longer. The false self has simply dissolved in the light of pure consciousness, as all untruths do, along with all existential confusion, suffering and sorrow.

Only the aware and accepting presence of the here and now remains; infinite, eternal, and full of spontaneous, creative potential.