The Entire Universe Exists Within You, As You

words & design by Brian Thompson.

To locate your true Self—or, to awaken—you must point your mind towards itself, instead of only focussing on that which appears to be outside of you.

Focus your attention onto your aware essence that is underneath every apparent appearance that you perceive, no matter if its phenomenal, intellectual, emotional, thoughtful, spiritual or sensational.

Do you see how all manifestations appear within you, your presence of aware consciousness?

As you perceive your body to move through its environment, does your awareness itself seem to move? Or, do all apparent movements appear within awareness?

As you investigate into your own experience, you will find that awareness is changeless. It is unmoving, infinite and eternal. It has no edges and no borders. It is empty of space and time. It is boundless. In truth, it has never not been there—it is all that you have ever been.

In fact, It is wrong to say that it is “your” awareness, because you are awareness. You are not separate from it, you are it.

All things appear within you, Awareness!

You are not relative to the world that you perceive, the world is relative to you and whatever you believe to be true. The entire universe exists within you, as you.

Look within and touch the untouchable—realize the formless, peaceful and loving essence that permeates your entire presence of being.

Know yourself, and all will be well. You are all there truly is.