The Importance of Setting Your Day’s Greatest Intention

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Every morning we wake and rush into the day headfirst without any understanding of what we hope to achieve. We just want to get through the day, and we’re often clueless as to what we could do to make our day more fulfilling or to improve our overall wellbeing.

If we don’t create an intention for our day, the day flounders. It struggles. We struggle when we lose sight of the bigger picture we have for ourselves. Our lives are so filled with distractions, we often never remember to focus on what our spiritual selves truly need.

We’re constantly being pulled in so many different directions that we often act mindlessly. Our days take unexpected turns that leave us feeling flustered, upset, or remorseful at how we handled a specific encounter.

We need to be mindful of our greater intentions so that we can help shape them into being.

Our attitude is the single greatest factor that determines how our day will go. It is our spirit-of-mind that decides our overall feeling of success, this includes our contentment, our fulfillment, and our happiness too.

So to help, I’ve created a quick and easy little daily practice to help you be more mindful of the energy and composure you bring into each day.

If you set your intentions every morning you’ll have a renewed sense of clarity and purpose throughout your entire day.

Start your day by answering the following four questions. Write down your answers (they don’t need to be long), and review them each evening. How did you do? It's a good idea to create a couple of reminders in your phone’s calendar, one at 7am and one at 9pm, so that you can remember to devote five minutes to this little task.

The goal is to increase the ongoing moment-to-moment mindfulness of your day’s greatest intention.

1. How can I best navigate this day?

Is there a specific schedule you need to keep today? Are there certain deadlines you need to be aware of? Are there any sensitive complexities you need to keep in mind? Is there a behaviour or personal tendency you need to be mindful of?

2. What is my greatest intention?

Is it personal, spiritual, or a career focussed intention? Today it might be something to do with work, tomorrow it might be something to do with your relationship.

3. How can I best serve my truest self?

Do you have any personal needs you've been ignoring? What can you do for your own greater good? What can you eliminate from your day that might cause you undue stress? What might you do for yourself that will positively affect your entire day?

4. What energy do I want to bring into all of today’s unfoldings?

You are responsible the energy you bring into every moment, into every interaction and every conversation, and into every room you walk into. No one else.

Perhaps what you need most today is a focussed and driven energy so you can accomplish everything that needs to be done. Maybe there’s some difficulties you need to approach that require a calm, cool and patient head. Or maybe what you need most is to move forward in your day with a sense of compassion, patience and understanding.

Whatever energy you feel you need today, be mindful of it. Be aware of the nature of your mind.

These are simple moments of reflection to help remind you of what your greatest intentions are and to help keep you on track.

If you’re able to keep your greatest intention at the forefront of your mind — such as, "I will not overreact today", or, "I will remember to breathe before I respond to my boss’s frustrating questions”, or “I will crush my presentation with unflinching confidence" — then you’ll be better able to address any inconsistencies in your behaviours that happen to arise when they don’t match up with your intentions.

Be mindful of your intentions.