The Incredible Lightness of Being

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Consciousness is the light in which all experience is known.

We are not that which our consciousness illumines us to see, we are the still emptiness in which all things are accepted in and then appear. We are this vey light, not the self who considers it.

This is the incredible lightness of our being—the infinite clarity of conscious awareness.

As we walk through the world, we shine our inner light upon all that we encounter. All things exist within us, as they appear upon the backdrop of our mind. The more pure our light, the more blissful the experience of our perceptions will be.

Is the light of your consciousness shining clear?

Or has it been diffracted by subjective thinking which has obscured and dirtied life's abundant beauty?

Cleanse your consciousness clean, disregard all self-centered thought—including all those thoughts that believe things should be different than how they presently are. No longer allow the light of your being to be dulled by imagined negativity you've projected onto both your self and your sense of the world.

Shine the light of your consciousness upon all things and its brilliant luminosity will reveal the wonder, beauty and perfection with which all experience is made.

There is nothing but endless love that emanates from your natural beingness when it’s allowed to freely flow.

Your awareness is your light—don't let it be dimmed by shadows of resistant thought. Let it shine and its love will be reflected in all that you know.