The Painful Projections of Impermanent Attachments

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The bodies and minds that we perceive ourselves to be is not the truth of who we are.

We are conscious awareness—this is our being-ness, our essence, our true Self—which animates the bag of flesh and bones that we, as awareness, perceive and experience our life through, and as.

Just as we perceive our body, so too do we experience our minds and all that it seems to create—including every memory, idea, emotion, concept, desire, fear and worry. But that which we perceive cannot be who we are, and this is how we realize that Awareness is our true Self nature, and not anything that seems to occur within it.

And so, all thoughts, concepts and emotions appear to us, Awareness, but they are not us. This includes all memories of the past and all worries of the future.

All such things are merely dreams of mind.

The memories we perceive have nothing to do with us—the Awareness within. The are just another momentary appearance, as all appearances are. Mind has a tendency however, to latch onto its memories and self-identify with them, which it then proceeds to speculate, ponder and dwell upon. This is why we suffer—we suffer from a mind that is attached to a past memory that no longer is, or that’s attached to a future fear that will never be.

Reality however—life itself—can only ever be this very instant, the Eternal Now. It is never not-now, and this is our truth. Wherever you go, there you are.

The past exists only within mind and memory—it is no longer real.

It is a dream of mind. Only the Eternal Now is Real—a reality whose appearance is infinitely changing, never remaining the same, not even for a moment.

There is one thing that remains, that eternally persists—and that is our Self. Consciousness never changes, and we are that—that is our true Self identity. That alone is what we must identify with in order to be free from the suffering that is inherent within the world of impermanence, illusions and dreams.

The past only appears to exist when we focus our attention onto our memories, what we read in books, or what we see on the internet or on TV. But as soon as our attention is placed elsewhere, the memory disappears entirely—and so too does the past that it seemed to contain.

The past disappears into the illusion it is—a dream of mind.

And this is why it’s often said that we project our own reality—everything that we experience is a projection of our Self.

Whatever we place our awareness onto, we create. We build entire universes—populated with very specific objects, ideas, people, places, entities, emotions, dramas and tragedies—through placing the energy of our attention onto the contents of mind, rather than on our presence of present awareness.

When we self-identify with the contents of consciousness, rather than with consciousness itself—we create confusion within our beingness, and we suffer because of it.

When we try to cling to that which has already changed—which is everything that is not here and now—we suffer, because it no longer exists. We suffer from a non-existent problem. This is what it means to deny reality—to not accept the always-changing present moment, which is always the only one in which we are presently immersed.

When we are attached, it is a thing’s disappearance that causes us to suffer. Most obvious of course, is the passing of our loved ones.

In our grieving however, we can be comforted by realizing that we share the same Self as those who have died. Our essence, our being-ness, is One—they were never two. They live on within you as your Self, and the spirit of the mind whom you became so close to remains within whatever memories you choose to lovingly place your awareness upon.

Who you loved was your own Self projection, and through your loving recollection—their spirit will forever remain.

All of the unhappiness that we experience are essentially varying shades of grief—something disappeared that we wanted to remain, because we were attached to it. For example, we might grieve the blue sky that disappeared because we wanted a sunny day for the beach. We might grieve the end of our favourite TV series, because our nightly entertainment relied upon it. We might grieve the disappearance of the last piece of pizza that we left in the fridge, that someone else ate, because we expected it to still be there for us.

We only suffer from that which we thought would remain but has unexpectedly disappeared.

Our unhappiness is bound to our attachments, which is bound to our desires, which is bound to our perpetual sense of lack, which only persists because we continue clinging to that which is impermanent.

The solution is to self-identify with that which never changes; the all-pervading Self, conscious awareness.

When we truly know our Self, that alone is enough; for there is no longer any lack, as the Self alone is the source of all abundance.

As consciousness, every moment dissolves into the next. Every apparent thing dissolves the moment our awareness is placed elsewhere. This is our intimate experience. It has always been this way.

And yet despite this truth behind the nature of our every experience, we continue to grieve whenever our conceptual idea of a thing’s permanency is proven to be false.

To be free, to be truly liberated from the pain we continually perceive in the world, is to remain fully present at all times and to accept whatever appears, without resistance. When we struggle with that which is in the past, we create our own pain. We project it into apparent existence because of our awareness and where it’s placed—on our egoic desires.

Remain present in your presence of aware consciousness—unattached with choiceless acceptance of whatever is —and you will be free.

The Eternal Now is all there is—and you, Consciousness, are that.