The peace of non-reactivity 

words & design by Brian Thompson.

There is a profound peace found only in non-reactivity.

This is the stillness of the true Self, imbued with the natural aura of its gracious humility and total understanding, as expressed through the absolute and unquestioned acceptance of all that Is.

This is the conscious realization of aware presence, empty of effort and without resistance.

This is the essence of absolute awareness.

It is only the imagined self—the self-perceived identity—who can become offended by another person's words, or who feels that it needs to defend its personality, character, beliefs and opinions.

It is only this false self who is angered by whatever it believes might threaten the security of its false facade. It is only the ego who demands respect—it cannot tolerate being challenged.

Do not be stirred by the swelling of any emotions that tempt your retaliation, your sarcastic retort, or your spiteful reply.

Do not entertain any demands from the ego whatsoever.

Mindfully observe the storm of thought that swirls within you. React not. Silence your serpentine tongue and observe your mind’s egoic activity with curious attention.

To whom do these thoughts appear? Who is the “I” these thoughts seek to defend?

Quiet the mind and these answers will become clear.

There is no entity called I—there is only egoic thinking, to which your mind has become emotionally attached.

Do you see how the self and its beliefs are empty of any existence outside of the thought that thinks them?

Take it upon yourself to realize the profound peace that can only be found in your non-reactivity.

Allow your ego to be poked, but do not respond—this strengthens the resolve of your presence of awareness, while weakening your reliance upon all of that which is false.

Ignore the subjective mind as it interacts with the world and you will notice its voice become quiet.

When the ego is starved of your attention, its control over you will begin to disappear, allowing your true Self, your aware presence, to shine clear.