The perfection of your undivided self

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

When all of the delusions from our ego are removed, wisdom is revealed and our true nature emerges. It is a state of undistracted awareness, complimented by an unwavering peace, loving-kindness, happiness and compassion.

True peace never fades.

It is a lasting and unconditional presence, a perfect contentment in the present moment, and an unshakeable freedom that cannot be upset. Calm, constant and steady, it remains unswayed.

True loving-kindness never falters.

It is a state of being that forever forgives. It is an attitude; not a sense, nor a feeling. It needs no object of attention or affection, it is a presence that continually emanates from the heart.

True happiness is within.

It doesn’t look outward to be found. It needs no thing, it wants no stuff. It is a permanent sense of joy that’s found only in the purity of an unbound Self.

True compassion doesn’t discriminate.

It understands suffering, without sorrow or pity. It needs no thanks, it wants no reward. It is a genuine and gracious warmth that extends a blanket to whoever's out in the cold.

True courage is allowing yourself to be all of this, without suffering from any fear of gain or loss, praise or blame, pleasure or pain.

Your true Self is not attached to any such concept or belief; these are only formations of the mind created by the ego-self. They are false identities which will only distract you from seeing the true reality.

The real you is underneath all of these layers of identity that your ego-self has tricked you with. Your true self is the state of pure awareness, unfettered by any of the distracting stuff from the mind.

Your true Self is undivided. It is an open and welcoming heart, free from the delusions of your perceptions.