The Reality of Unreality is Unchanging

words & design by Brian Thompson.

As you inquire into your own nature and you observe your own beingness, investigating the substance of that which underlies all personal experience, you will become aware of that part of 'you' that never seems to change, which is always there within you, as you.

To do so is to locate the very source of your true Self, because within this empty and spacious aware presence that is your very beingness, all perceptions of name, object and form arise.

Your true Self is this unchanging presence in which all apparent things become known. You are this aware presence of knowing.

If you investigate further, you will see that the entirety of the world and its happenings, which the Self perceives, is itself unchanging; or rather, the reality of its unreality is unchanging.

In other words, everything that appears to you will always change, it will always fade, while you, awareness, remain unchanging.

The world appears to you like a dream being projected onto the screen of mind, its images always dissolving, changing from one apparent thing to the next, none of them true in their own apparent appearance, with no independent existence, only relative.

To be more clear, all manner of phenomena, both mental and material, will remain forever impermanent, always subject to transformation and decay, while the cognizing consciousness which perceives them is both infinite and eternal—forever unchanging.

You Are That.

All phenomenon fades, while the non-duality of the noumenon in which all apparent things depend upon and become known by, will forever prevail.

To awaken to this truth and to no longer be attached to the comings-and-goings of phenomena—including mind and all of its erratic thought forms and dreamlike projections—is to abide in the peace of one's true Self—pure consciousness and absolute, unfettered awareness.

In other words, this is what it is to be free from the known, to no longer be bound by suffering the dream of dissolving appearances, and to be liberated from the confines of one’s own egoic imprisonment.

Truth, realized.