There is no centre to our infinite mind

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Our universe is infinite, with no boundaries, and with no end to be found. It encompasses absolutely everything we do and all that we are.

Infinity doesn’t just surround us however, it’s also the very essence of our being. Our awareness is infinite—that crackling energy of life that sparkles inside each of us and that gives us the ability to perceive—it too has no bounds.

And so, we are the product of infinity times infinity—our possibilities and potential are limitless.

While we may be one with the infinite, we are not its focal point, neither individually nor collectively. That which is infinite can have no point of central focus—it revolves around nothing—it has no middle.

In a similar way, there is no centre to our infinite mind.

And so, when you place the idea of your “self” at the centre of all that you perceive, you obscure the truth of experience with conceptual thoughts of a self that tries to become the subject to which everything occurs.

Make no mistake, self-centredness is a false perception—you are only at the centre of things within your own mind. In reality, you are one with all.

To be Truth Realized, your self-centeredness must fall away entirely.

You are not the subject which all of “your" experiences occur to. You must see your perceptions of ownership as the mental contrivances that they truly are—false objects of mind—created by egoic delusions of grandeur and self-centeredness.

When the self is no longer present as the centre of your awareness however, reality appears as it is—truth realized; inclusive of everything, unified with all of experience—with no individual subject (your “self”) being at the centre of any singular occurrence.

Experience cannot be owned. It cannot be possessed. It can only be.

Remove your personal claim to all that you perceive!

Discontentment arises from this sense of self-centeredness. When the false sense of self is asserted onto any experience, a disharmony within the present moment suddenly appears. Our infinite awareness then becomes guarded and closed, by a mind that’s placed limitations upon itself through its false beliefs, fears, angers, insecurities, worries, anxieties, and all other sorts of delusions and personal dramas.

In the infinite emptiness of our awareness where all of our experiences appear, there is no centre, so why create one? Do yourself a favour and remove your self from all that you perceive, and all that you perceive will be realized as pristine and pure.

When you dissolve your sense of self, you also dissolve the self-centeredness that creates all of your suffering.

The truth of our universal infinite reality can only be known by the selfless.