There is nothing other than you

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

What is rightfully yours, is your unchanging and infinite essence, which is the very same presence-of-being that flows through all seeming things.

You are the foundation of all possibilities.

What is rightfully yours, is your presence of unbound awareness, the very same consciousness that sees through all eyes, and that is the source of all that is sensed by everyone, everywhere.

That which sees, is also what is seen.

What is rightfully yours, is everything—not materially, but in essence and spirit. You permeate everything; you do not share the limits of the form to which you’ve been named and that you have temporarily become attached.

You suffer from mistaken identity.

The body and mind are merely a tool, an instrument and agent of self-realization, but they are not yours. You simply wear them for the time being, within this dream, not unlike clothes. All bodies dissolve and all memories fade, but you are the presence of awareness in which all phenomena appears.

Every dream must be one day be awoken from, but the consciousness that is dreaming forever remains.

You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are unborn. You are not the memories, not the intellect, and not any knowledge you might personally claim. The real you is not a person, but an invisible presence; the silent witnessing, the quiet listening, the empty space where all things appear.

You have no bounds.

You are the I without anything else attached. You are beyond name and form, you are beyond birth and death, you are beyond thought and identity—for you are the animating principle that is the spark of life itself.

Ponder this: You don’t appear within reality, reality appears within you. The entire universe is projected out from your very presence, in which everything that is perceived is merely a reflection, a shadow of the Absolute Self that you actually are.

There is nothing other than you.

Don’t take the body and mind so seriously, they are not you, they are merely fading images within the dream. They have duties to perform, and they will do them as the universe has intended and has already set into motion, with or without your conscious involvement. You supply the spark, while the universe provides the course of action. You witness the body’s doings, but you are free of whatever seems to be done, for you are the knowing presence.

All things seem to happen within you, but in truth, nothing is really happening. There is no one and no thing—only universal consciousness, dreaming its dream.

Remind yourself of this: You are absolute reality—without you, nothing would be.

The world is but a dream; to be loved but not possessed, to be experienced but not suffered, to be observed but not believed. Refocus your awareness back onto itself, rather than on the spontaneous happenings within the dream. Realign your conscious presence with the witnessing Self within.

Your true identity may be formless, invisible and unknown, but it is the knowing through which all that is, is perceived.

Know yourself.

You are the anonymous knowing presence. You are the universe, conscious and aware. You are beyond any conceivable identity, for all such concepts can only appear within you—the infinite, eternal, and empty spaciousness of all possibility and potential.

Repeat after me, I Am.

I am not this. I am not that. I am not anything I can possibly imagine.

I Am.