There is only THIS—our present moment experiencing

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Time does not exist—it is a theory conceived of by relative thought. While it is certainly useful for many of our tasks, it still remains as an idea that is only relative to our subjective thinking and its abstraction of “previous” and “future” experience.

The parsing of subjective thought divides the purity of present-moment experience into the illusion of time and its subsequent passage.

“Now” does not exist as we traditionally consider it. We tend to objectify everything, but time is not an object, it cannot be pointed to or touched. It is not an unseen energy like electricity or radiation. It is merely a conceptual thought—no different than most of what we believe.

There is only the experiencing of what we perceive as now, which in our experience, is always present, ongoing, uninterrupted, and unchanging.

It is always now.

Life is only ever “this”—with “this” being whatever sensory perceptions you are intimately aware of in this precise moment, and whatever the nature of that experiencing might be—including all of the subjective thoughts you presently perceive about the sensations you’re now interpreting through stories created inside your mind.

There is only THIS—our present moment experiencing.

When you step outside of your clinging to time, how you experience the present moment changes entirely. You gain a deeper respect for the here and now, as you realize that that’s all there ever is. You understand intimately that every moment is as precious as the one previous.

There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. Every moment is sacred and divine, and whatever you do in this very moment will affect everything in the following moment, which will still be perceived as now. No matter what “time” it is, it is always now.

When you perceive your reality in such a way, you regain control of your entire world.

By mindfully abiding in the uninterrupted presence of “now” you are no longer divided by the duality of the many divisions the mind tries to create with its perceiving of experience.

The bliss that’s found within your natural presence of awareness, your true self, will shine upon all things once you remedy your addiction to obsessive, subjective thinking.

This is what it means to know yourself—to abide in the source and substance of your true being—choiceless awareness.