Thought Destroys the Truth of Experience

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

“The truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing.”
—The Tao Te Ching

When you desire something—no matter if it's happiness, fame, wealth, success, spiritual bliss, or even finding the love of your life—your view of it becomes biased, and the truth of what you seek becomes obscured by your one-sided perspective.

The truth can only be realized through a clear mind, untainted by both desire, and its opposite condition of mind, aversion.

But when the mind is still, all things appear as they are and the clarity and bliss of true experience is at once revealed.

You see, thought only destroys the true nature of our ongoing experiences—it dissolves all sensory pleasures, and in its place, it creates pain.

Thinking annihilates happiness.

Our thoughts of longing create nothing but suffering; including the pain of wanting, the pain of not having, the pain of wanting more, and the pain of it not being as perfect as we’d hope it to be. The suffering we inflict upon ourselves is endless.

As soon as we think about something, we destroy it.

Be empty of mind—free of desire, free of aversion—and you will truly be free.