To understand everything is to forgive everything

words and design by Brian Thompson.

The inner wisdom that you seek cannot be realized by a mind unwilling to accept the truth of that which already is.

When you resist something—such as the traffic, a headache, or even a soggy sandwich you just received—you pit your personal wishes, desires and grumbly opinions against an unchangeable universal reality.

Such resistance will only result in suffering (even if it's just a grump mood).

To be one with the flow of life, the Tao, you must let go of any inner conflict you have with the past, the present, and the future. You must be all-accepting and empty of any critically subjective judgements.

If you find yourself dissatisfied or disgruntled in any way, then realize that you are only resisting the unchangeable—that which has already happened.

Accept what is, do something about it if need be, and then just carry on—pain-free. No struggle, no worry.

Break your heart wide open and embrace everything and everyone with unconditional love, and the universe will unfold into the divine perfection that it already is.

To understand everything is to forgive everything.