Trust your hunches

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Trust your hunches.

Your intuition will always know the decision that's best for you, before you do.

Instinct doesn't lie, it’s there to help you.

However, always question the origins of your hunch first—from where did it arise, and what is its intention?

As long as your gut feeling isn't tainted by selfish thoughts of fear, anger, greed, desire, aversion or jealousy—then trust your gut, it knows what to do.

There is an unknown intelligence within each of us that emanates from the purity of our awareness. This is our true self, and it already knows what to do before it gets tangled in confusing analysis.

Tune in to your true self, where the spontaneity of pure intent arises before critical thought occurs.

Like water, the clarity of our undivided awareness always knows the path of least resistance.