Turn your attention inwards. What do you see?

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Turn your attention inwards. What do you see?

When you place your awareness directly onto itself, all of the delusions from your misguided perceptions begin to fade away. As your inward eye reflects upon its own nature, you find that there’s nothing but a pure presence of empty awareness, one that’s free from all thoughts, feelings, memories and opinions.

As you continue looking deeper within yourself, you begin to see that in fact, you are limitless. There is no boundaries to the nature of your being. You realize that you are not your thoughts. Underneath all of the thought perceptions that you possess and believe to be true, you are a pure and empty awareness of limitless experience.

You are infinite.

When you awaken to this realization, you see that you’re no longer a being confined by concepts of emotion or thought. Mental attachments disappear. Anxiety dissipates. Problems dissolve. You learn, through direct experience of inner reflection, that your thoughts are indeed real (as in, they exist) — but they are not true — they are a sense perception only. They are a subjective opinion of your sense of self, and of how you relate to the world you perceive.

You are not your body, nor your mind — you are beyond mind.

Your true self, aware presence, is not confined to the limits of space and time. It is not relative to anything other than itself, pure knowing. It is not a finite object, with a beginning and an end. It is not tangible, nor does it decay. It is birthless. It is deathless. It is one with the eternal consciousness that animates every iota of existence. Your true Self is this very knowing presence that is aware, it is an infinite expression of the absolute. It is inescapable.

Your true Self has no object qualities of its own. Rather, it is the self-aware emptiness in which all things appear and vanish, and therefore it cannot be seen, felt or touched — it can only know itself.

When this realization becomes a living, embodied realization, memories no longer have a hold on you and future imaginings matter not — all that resonates is the ever-present, eternal now.

This is the sublime bliss of boundless consciousness that is the ultimate reality of all things.

It is only our perception that everything is divided into a subject/object relationship, that all things are relative to one another — the knower and the known, the seer and the seen, the actor and the action.

But this is simply an illusion of our own subconscious making. True experience is not divided or split into two halves. In truth, all such duality is unreal. There is only the knowing, which is the living experience of the merging of the two. You are not the knower, and all that you perceive is not the known — there is only the knowing itself.

All things emanate from this indivisible one.

This is the light of awareness that will awaken us from the cultural amnesia of our egoic self. This is the light that will break through all of the dark and stormy clouds of our troubled sense of self. It is through this realization that we understand that all of the things that disturb our sense of equanimity are merely mental projections, they are illusions of mind that are merely trying to convince us they're real.

If we wipe away all of these delusions and dualities of mind, including our sense of self that separates us from the rest of the world, we will reveal all of that which has always been — the natural, unbound expression of peace, love and happiness that can only be found in the ever-ongoing wonder of the absolute here and now.