Waking up from the stories you tell yourself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Always be aware of the story you’re telling yourself, in each and every moment—about yourself, about others, about the world, and about the nature of all your experiences.

What are you believing that is only a concept, that's based solely on a subjective opinion, a biased perspective or an unfair assumption?

Do you see how you insert yourself into the narrative of virtually every story you tell?

This is the self-centered nature of the ego. It claims everything as somehow being its own. In other words, we make everything personal.

It happens instinctively, out of human habit and conditioning, so it’s really not your fault—but now that you’re aware of your ego’s automated story-telling feature, it is your life’s purpose to turn it off and to awaken from your dream entirely.

Indeed, this is not unlike the Matrix. In order to be truly free and liberated, you need to be like Neo. Take the red pill—allow yourself to see through the delusion that is the very source and substance of all your sorrow and struggles.

You need to simply wake up and realize that the dream of life is perpetuated only by your continued belief in the stories you tell.

The stories you tell yourself—about all of your experiences and interactions—are the mind’s projection of your fears, desires, behaviours and beliefs.

Do you see how your moods and emotions are based solely upon whatever story you've told yourself, that you identify with and have become attached to?

Realize that the feelings that you feel are absolutely true, but their causes are not. You suffer only from your own imagination—not reality itself.

Observe your habit of story-telling. Do you see how your entire world-view is your very own conscious creation? It is not true. It is a dream of mind. You are living inside your very own story, one in which you alone are the creator of.

What are you convincing yourself of—here and now—that is untrue?

Notice how the story's sense of reality starts to weaken once you become aware of it. This is the power of awareness—it dissolves all untruths.

Your conceptual thoughts distort reality, creating an alternate universe which is entirely untrue, leaving you to stumble around in a dark and confusing dreamworld of your own twisted imagining.

Wake up from the dream. See the truth of reality for what it is, without the mind’s inference and interference upon it.

You are not what you think you are, but you are the presence of awareness that perceives all of it.