We suffer from a crisis of mistaken identity

words & design by Brian Thompson

The truth is forever unchanging.

However, our entire lives we confuse fiction for fact. To be true means to be without variation, and yet, our entire world, and everything in it, is one of constant flux. So how can that which changes be considered to be true?

We delude ourselves. Don’t believe the dream of false appearances.

Such as you, for example, or what you perceive as ‘you'. You have always been changing, ever since you were a little child. Even right now, in this very moment, you continue to change. Therefore ‘you' are not true—‘you' are only an appearance. While this appearance of ‘you' maybe certainly be a present fact, it absolutely is not true—as you (your body/mind) are always changing.

This is our problem—we don’t know who we are. We suffer from mistaken identity.

As long as we continue to identify ourselves with this world of changing appearances we remain utterly confused, broken-hearted and lost. We are never able to find ourselves because the moment we think we have ourselves figured out, the illusion we’ve placed our belief and trust in dwindles, dissolves and dies—thereby casting us into yet another ocean of emotional despair and existential suffering.

It never ends, at least, not until the body does.

Your true Self however, remains forever unchanged—despite the dissolution of appearances that you continually experience and perceive.

If you self-identify with the body/mind that your perceived presence occupies, then your every emotion will be relative to and conditioned by the fading illusions that surround it.

It must be understood that no appearance is true—neither physical, nor mental. No matter what appears to be, regardless of how solid or convincing, all appearances remains as a momentary event in the perception of space and time (which also are not true).

And as such, no appearance can be said to truly exist—this includes you. ‘You' do not exist, your personhood is not true. When an appearance dissolves (and they all do), what remains however is the Forever Unchanging, the Absolute, the substratum of all that IS—and YOU are That.

You are not what you appear to be. The true You is the presence in which all appearances arise within and become known. You are the knowing presence that knows. You are empty of any apparent attribute of appearance because within you, all attributes appear. You are the formless Universal Consciousness that animates all apparent appearances.

You are changeless; unaffected by death or dissolution—despite your present bodily appearance. Realize it as an illusion of consciousness; a dream.

Go beyond all perceptions of inner-thought to the very source from where your sense of I AM-ness first arises.

Know yourself as this Unborn presence that you truly are—the essence of Is-ness that is keenly felt before any I-thought is first imagined.

This is your true Self, empty of any conceptualization, unfettered by any dreamlike thought or illusion. You are this forever present presence of knowing and unchanging peace, perfection and bliss.

You are That—the only thing that is truly True.