what are you unknowingly meditating on?

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

despite what many might think, a meditation isn't merely reserved for thoughts of positive intention, stillness, and warm regard — in fact, many people seem to meditate on nothing but negativity instead.

whatever we dwell on becomes a meditation, yet few realize this.

when we are lost and consumed by obsessive thoughts of our self, we become agitated, stressed and unsettled — the opposite of what we aspire to be.

so rather than lifting ourselves up with positive thoughts of gratitude, compassion, love, hope, potential and possibility, we fill our days meditating on negativity, in all of its ugly manifestations.

overwhelmed by obsessive and disturbing thoughts, we end up creating the very thing we fear — whatever we focus on, we bring into being and then become — including worry, anger, jealousy, greed and doubt.

all of life is a meditation.

what do you meditate on throughout your days? what negativity do you unknowingly fill your mind with and participate in?

consider the conversations you involve yourself in and all of the media you consume. is your subconscious on a constant drip from advertisers trying to convince you to buy more, more, more? what do you suppose you meditate on when the 24 Hour News channel blares in the background, funnelling nothing but fear and loathing directly into your mind? what do you meditate on when you mindlessly surf through the gossip on trash-talk TV, or on the judgement-filled, shame-based TMZ?

so many people live the antithesis to a positive meditation practice — their lives are consumed by nothing but worry. in so doing, happiness and well-being will never be found.

peace comes in every thought, in every breath, in every step.

our lives are a direct manifestation of our thoughts, therefore if we dwell on failure, then that is our meditation, and soon we'll be paralyzed and afraid of ever trying anything new.

you don’t need to sit on a cushion or face a wall for two hours or more a day, but you do need to reclaim your mind and take control of what you meditate on in every passing moment. be careful of what you let seep into your subconscious — remove any stimuli that does nothing for cultivating your higher self.

don’t let yourself become subconsciously conditioned and desensitized to the ugliness of the world. focus on positive affirmations, choose to meditate on beauty, bliss, wonder and possibility instead.

you will serve both yourself and the world better from a place of peace and contentment, than from a place of dis-ease.