What does it mean to be mindful?

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

What does it mean to be mindful?

It is to be self-aware.

It is to be consciously aware of the movements of the mind by observing all of its thoughts, opinions, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, emotions and reactions—as they appear.

It is to remain as a silent, witnessing presence to the mind’s activity, rather than being an active participant in the self-image it's trying to create and compel you into believing.

To be mindful is to observe all of the self-centered fears and desires that arise within each moment and that are responsible for creating your imagined self-concept, which you bring into every situation, and which cause you to react mindlessly.

It is to be aware of these emotional energies and not losing yourself to them.

To be mindful is to give yourself a pause before reacting out of habit. It is to listen, rather than speak. It is to be calm, rather than angry. It is to be content with whatever is, without having any judgement whatsoever.

It is to embrace the present moment, not just accepting it begrudgingly.

To be mindful is to be totally present in the peaceful presence of awareness itself, regardless of the situation, rather than being lost in an artificial world created by egoic thought.

It is to calmly abide in the infinite emptiness of consciousness, undisturbed by any concept of mind, allowing you to be completely free of the false self-image that has hijacked your awareness.

To be mindful is to surrender the urge to reject or control the present moment, allowing you to relish in the unblemished reality of pure awareness—which is all there ever really is.

It is to remain effortless, rather than burdened by the ego's neverending wants and needs.

To be mindful is to be aware of the mind's illusions and not being swayed by its misperceptions. It is to be empty of the mind's interference so that you can simply BE, spontaneously, at peace with the here and now.