When you become lost in the world of forms, you forget your true formlessness.

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

When you become lost in the world of forms, you forget your true formlessness.

Forms change, while the formless, aware presence in which they appear is forever changeless—and, you are That.

Know yourself as the invisible, formless, thoughtless, selfless, emptiness of absolute nothingness. No longer be limited by the egoic fears and desires of the conditioned personality that is relative to whatever it thinks. Transcend your conditioned humanity. Know yourself as the silence in which all sounds are heard, as the space in which all things appear, and as the stillness in which all sensations become known.

Realize that you are an infinite and aware presence of limitless knowing. There is nothing that binds you but the mind. Empty of personal beliefs, you are free—free from what you imagine yourself to be. Search within and know this to be true—the I that you believe you are is a lie. The I that you believe yourself to be is nothing but an egoic imprint, a false projection from the relative mind. The I is a delusion of imagination.

No longer be swayed by whatever appears to you—including all thoughts, all sensations, all perceptions, and all things. Everything is nothing, nothing but a momentary appearance within consciousness—an illusion.

Can’t you see that all forms—all things—are inherently unreal?

As soon as something is perceived, it’s gone. It’s all a dream within the Self, a virtual movement within consciousness that you lend a false reality to through the mind's concepts.

Nothing has any actual tangibility. Nothing. Only nothingness is true—which includes you. You are absolute emptiness. Anything you think about yourself is imagined only—it is not real—and this is why you suffer. All things change, dissolve, transition, and die—including personal thoughts about yourself—but you, this presence of awareness that perceives everything, is forever unchanging.

In your direct experience, there is nothing but you. Everything that you sense and experience is your Self. No matter what seems to happen in this life, you remain as you are—a familiar sense of knowingness.

You are your own Ultimate Reality.

All these years you have known only your Self, but you have allowed thought to convince you otherwise, making you believe you were separate from what you perceived. You believed you were an individual that was apart from all others, not knowing yourself as an all-pervading presence that unknowingly created its own experience.

So, who are you? Who is this Self that you apparently are? It is nothing that can be known, for the Self is the knowing itself. In other words, the Self is not an object that can be perceived, for it is the non-subjective knowingness that is the actual perceiving.

Despite whatever seems to be known, despite whatever happens to appear within this presence of knowing, know yourself as nothing but an infinite field of unbound, unified, unconditioned consciousness.

There is nothing personal going on anywhere. Do not lose yourself to that which doesn’t exist. Do not lose yourself in the world of illusion. Do not lose yourself in the thought forms of mind.

Realize that all forms are impermanent by nature. As soon as a form appears to you, it disappears—just like a dream. Witness this. Observe this within yourself and know it to be true. Nothing that you have experienced has ever remained. None of it true, but you. You cannot keep any experience; you cannot maintain any appearance. All forms are destined to return to the void from which they arose, but the awareness in which they appear remains—and you are That.

All forms are nothing but an appearance to be experienced, but, experienced by whom?

By consciousness—the empty and aware void of your Self.

Bring yourself back to your natural, unborn silence. Return to undistracted, absolute presence. Allow awareness to encompass all that is known, here and now, and forever more, both inner and outer, within and without.

Merge your knowingness into the infinite expanse of all time and space, into the far-flung reaches of a consciousness presence unified with all that Is.

Know yourself as That—That which is aware, That which simply knows, I Am. No longer forget your unbound presence of nothingness. Realize the emptiness of your original nature—your selfless Self—Absolute Reality.

Be the presence, not the personal person.