Wherever You Go, Awareness Is

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Life is life, no matter what name you give it.

Every manifestation of life is lived by the same life, from the same source. It’s the same consciousness arising within the same shared field of infinite awareness. It's all one.

There is only one life, and you are That (as are all things).

To be—to exist—is to be aware.

Everything that this aliveness experiences is either a sense perception, a thought perception, or an emotion that appears within awareness. The body and mind also appear within awareness. They appear to you like any other object of perception. And so, your apparent personhood is perceived just like everything else in the world.

But, have you ever considered, what is it that is aware? Or rather, who is aware? If I perceive this body, these feelings, and this world, then who am I? Who is aware of being aware?

Wherever you go, awareness is. Awareness is all you know because awareness is the knowing itself. You are inseparable from awareness because awareness is your essential truth. You cannot be considered to be anything apart from it.

Awareness is the Self. It is your true nature.

You have merely forgotten your Self after many years of identifying as the body-mind phenomenon. And yet all this time, you have mistakenly believed you were a separate entity, independently existing apart from the rest of the world. You have always believed that there was only yourself, and then there everyone and everything else existed outside of you. You never realized that this world was just a dream the mind was weaving.

It is this sense of existential isolation that causes your unease, sorrow, confusion, unhappiness, depression, and dissatisfaction.

No longer believe that it’s you against the world, for the world is not separate from you whatsoever, in fact, the world is you—it is your projection. It couldn’t exist without you, for it is an emanation of the mind. A creation of consciousness.

You have nothing to do with the human you believe yourself to be. Rather, you are the agency of perception that perceives it. No longer think you are something you are not. Abide in what is true, abandon what is false.

Awareness is the absolute truth of reality—and You are That.

All that you “see”, is awareness appearing within awareness. Everything sensed is made of awareness. There is nothing in your experience it is not. After all, how could something be experienced outside of awareness? If it did, you would not be aware of it.

Awareness is your presence of being. It is the animating essence that acknowledges its self-awareness through the simple recognition of, I Am.

When the knowing of knowing is made conscious, you are self-realized. You know your Self. And this is the end of suffering—total freedom and absolute liberation. There is nothing more to fear; there is nothing more to desire. You know yourself to be everything, and yet, simultaneously, nothing.

Every experience appears to you, as you. You are all that you perceive. Everything you see is you. Every man, woman, and child. Every animal. Every tree, rock, and flower. Every droplet of water. Every gust of wind. Every taste, scent, and sound. It's all an emanation from your very own presence.

You, awareness, are all of it. None of it could be without you.

Everything is a dream within consciousness, in other words, everything is an unreal appearance, of which, you are aware. All of it is perfect, even in its perceived duality—including every apparent thing, every problem, and every apparent evil deed. None of it is real, aside from the consciousness that dreamed it.

Only Awareness is real—and You Are That.

Perceptions come and go. Manifestations appear and disappear. Objects arise and dissolve. But this I that I perceive, that is the very agency of perceiving itself, forever remains.

I Am the emptiness upon which the entirety of the cosmos appears.

When the mind is gone, so too does the dream—but the universal field of shared Awareness that is Absolute Reality remains.

I Am That. I Am.