why common sense isn’t so common

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

common sense isn’t so common.

you hear people say it all the time, and they’re right.

you might think that when a person does something differently than you that they're ignorant, rude, weird, unskilled, or just plain ‘ol dumb.

but what’s common for me, can be a complete mystery to you, and what’s typical for you, might be incredibly unusual, bizarre or even foreign to me.

no two of us are the same — we all have a different way of doing things.

we all have different priorities. we all have different biases that flavour the very nature and attitude of how we tend to all of the things within our lives.

it’s only through sharing common experiences with common lessons, and in sharing a common intellect with a common emotional intelligence, that we can all share a common sense — and that’s incredibly rare, if not altogether impossible.

when we believe someone lacks common sense, it’s usually out of anger from them not doing something exactly as we would have done it ourselves. in thinking this way, we reveal that we expect everyone to think, look, and behave exactly as we do — but that’s insane.

in fact, we lack compassion for their circumstances, and we lack understanding for the differences between us.

what we really lack however, is control of the situation — and that makes us mad — we get angry when we want to control something, but we can’t.

we all have little hiccups in our thinking that sometime distract us — this is common. we all get so lost in thought sometimes, that it inadvertently puts us on auto-pilot and causes us to overlook the obvious and we end up doing stupid things. when it happens to us, in that moment, the thing wasn’t obvious — all that was obvious to us was the drama we were struggling with inside our heads.

this is our common sense — this is our shared human experience — and it happens to all of us.

we're not all mindful of the same things, in the exact moment or to the same regard, as everyone around us — that would be like a city populated by nothing but identical and thoughtless clones.

only by having zero expectations will we be able to experience true empathy and compassion for our fellow man or woman, judgement free.

life the weight of expectation from your shoulders. rid yourself of the burden of constantly comparing your behaviours to others and assuming they’ll act identically to you.

allow yourself to be free from the silly frustration of trying to attach your happiness onto how other people live their lives.

the only thing that’s common about our sense, is that it’s different for each of us.

let go of your expectations — be free.