Wisdom hides between the cracks of our understandings

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Perceive the unperceived, hear the unheard, see the unseen.

Bear witness to all of the phenomena that mingles around you. You are a part of it—you are one with it. After all, this is Life, happening—now.

Be mindful of all that you perceive, relax your mind, just feel the experience of all that your senses receive.

Don’t mentally rush past any particular moment as it arises, just let each one gracefully unfold into its next natural becoming. Let what will befall. Allow the constant unfurling of the Now to be perceived by your undivided awareness, untainted by mind.

Observe the natural order of things; notice how intricately all things are entangled, see how all things interact, and how all things are truly one.

There is a miracle inside every moment, see you if you can spot each and every one. What sits before you is the cosmic dance of the infinite—make this your meditation.

Be patient in your observations, for this is how life is truly tasted. Savour each moment as each experience fades and a new one begins, always unfolding, always flowing, always becoming something new.

Notice the unnoticeable—underneath everything we take for granted, there’s innumerable things to be learned.

Wisdom hides between the cracks of our understandings; it waits in the shadows of our overconfident knowledge; it waits for all our presumptions to disappear.

Open yourself to the teachings that all of your moments behold, for within each and every one the wisdom of self-knowledge and self-awareness awaits, and ultimately, so too does total Self-Realization.

Illuminate yourself by the light of your own Awareness. You are your own best teacher.

The transcendental ecstasy of Truth awaits.