With each turn of the head, reality appears as awareness, in awareness

words & design by Brian Thompson.

You are present, here and now, but “here” is not a place located in space, and “now” is not found in time.

Both are merely ideas created by mind that are perceived within you, the presence of awareness that you truly are.

Awareness isn’t inside you, the person. The person is inside you, awareness—just as the person across from you is, as is your car, your dog, your home, your family, your s0-called enemies, the ocean, the mountain, the trees—everyone, everywhere.

The entire universe exists within you, as you—awareness. Absolutely everything is a self-contained creation within consciousness, of which you are self-aware.

You are the entire field of awareness in which all of “your" perceptions appear. But “you” are not limited to the confines of the body-mind that you perceive yourself to be. You, awareness, are everything, everywhere. You are universal. You, awareness, are the fabric of all creation. You, awareness, are the Ultimate Reality.

No longer limit yourself to the duality that’s perceived by mind.

Without you, consciousness, nothing would exist.

Contemplate the nature of your own experience. There is nothing that has ever appeared outside of your awareness. Everything happens within it. Awareness has no edges. It has no limits. It has no characteristics other than absolute formless emptiness.

With each turn of the head, reality appears as awareness, in awareness.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, you, awareness, is all there truly is. With every blink of the eye, the illusion of the world disappears and reappears. All of it happening, within you, awareness. And so, all that can ever truly be known is the here and now, whose totality is always this present-moment presence of awareness. It is never not this.

And this is what it means to know your Self.

Awareness is your Self, and you are all there truly is. You are everything, and yet... nothing.

When I say “you”, you might keep thinking that I’m referring to your personal self. But the personal self is merely a concept of mind that you’ve been taught and conditioned with, that you’ve always assumed to be true.

There may have been moments in your life where “you” have felt detached from an experience, where it seemed as if you were just an observing presence—blissed out and “lost in the moment". These experiences are glimpses of your true Self—pure awareness—but they only appear when the mind is absolutely quiet, when it’s no longer projecting its illusion of “you” onto the world that’s being perceived.

When the idea of “you”—the self, the experiencer, the doer, the knower—are altogether gone—reality appears unified, no longer divided by the idea of a “you” who is separate from everything else.

These brief moments of no-self are indescribable. They are empty of any opinion or thought. They are pure presence. But, as soon as your attention is placed onto the mind, rather than awareness itself, the ego is re-engaged, you re-identify with all of its false projections, and the imaginary self reappears and assumes control.

Inquire within. Who are you?

Are “you” not the awareness upon which all apparent things are sensed and perceived? There is no inside to you, there is no outside to you. You, awareness, are aware of the body, just as you are aware of the world. There is no separation. You, awareness, are the totality of everything you have ever known, the pure presence of consciousness in which all manifestations arise within and appear.

You are not the illusion of the "action figure” that you seem to be, who runs around in circles reacting to this, reacting to that, happy and sad, happy and sad, relative to whatever the mind subjectively thinks about the world it perceives. This "action figure”, that appears to be you, is merely an appearance within awareness—it has nothing to do with the real you.

The more you ignore it, the happier you will be.

You must forget yourself to find your Self.

You, awareness, are the empty screen upon which the action figure's drama plays itself out on. You, awareness, are the personal character's peaceful and silent observer. The less you react to its illusory situations, opinions, problems and circumstances, the freer you become.

In truth, you are already free of all the images that dance on the screen of awareness—unless you believe them to be true. If you believe yourself to be relative to the illusions of the world, then your life will then be defined by them, and you will be pulled into the drama of their false reality. In others, if you react to the illusion, it becomes real—just like a dream.

Everything that is perceived is made of awareness, by awareness, within awareness. You are both the source and substance of all that is known. And this is your Self.

As awareness, it is always here and now—empty of mind, empty of space, empty of time—empty of anything relative or conceptual whatsoever.

Know your Self as the formless essence in which all seeming forms appear within—absolute, infinite and eternal.

You, Awareness, are That.