Wrong perceptions are the cause of all afflictions

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Wrong perceptions are the cause of all afflictions.

Therefore, reactions to all false perceptions need to be thrown away—all of them.

Stop reacting to your perceptions of the world—simply go within and realize the peace that is already your true Self nature.

It needs to be realized that it’s not the world that troubles you—it is the mind. You are agitated only by your own subjective opinion of how you believe something is, and not the thing itself.

You don’t need to live this way—angry at the world and frustrated with yourself.

You suffer from a dream within a dream—no wonder you’re so confused. The world is a whimsical notion created by consciousness, within consciousness. It needs to be seen as it is—a virtual projection, in which you are the empty screen it’s projected upon.

It’s time to awaken to your limitless Self and put an end to all of your false emotional afflictions.

When you become upset with something (or someone) within the world, you react to a distortion of reality—a delusion—a projection of mind, one that you perceive as being the ultimate truth. You react because you believe your personhood or belief system has somehow been wronged, infringed upon, or otherwise offended.

In truth however, reality is not ugly, evil, unfair or unkind—despite “your" opinions of it. Reality is absolute perfection—how could it possibly be otherwise? All events are simply a part of the universe in dynamic motion, each moment playing its role in the cosmic machine of universal consciousness—a cog in the wheel of life.

In the infinite sea that is the billions of years of universal creation, energetic expansion, evolution, and entropy—do you honestly believe that whatever might happen to "you" can possibly be “wrong"? The scratch on your new car. Your computer that just crashed. The tree that fell and smashed your fence. Your sick uncle. The job you lost. The money you want, but don’t have. Your dog that died. The relationship that failed. All of it was not only necessary, but a conscious expression of the perfection that is the unshakeable Absolute.

Wrong does not exist. It is a false concept, just like everything else we’ve unknowingly attached our sense of a personal self onto.

We are not a concept however. We are not the central character in the story of the universe, whom all things exclusively happen to. We are consciousness, perceiving. We are not the someone we presume ourselves to be. We are awareness; observing, sensing, and forever aware—empty of any influence from mind.

We are a presence of infinite awareness watching the drama of the worldly dream unfold before us. So do not insert your false self into its illusion, making yourself to be something you are not. Simply unwind, relax—realizing that nothing is at it seems—and enjoy the show.

No longer identify yourself by whatever people say to you, by how they treat you, or by whatever your present circumstances seem to be. No longer identify yourself with anything that seems to happen in the world. Be free of it all. Nothing you perceive has anything to do with you. You are consciousness. Do not relate to any of it—just peacefully observe and be empty of any criticism or conjecture. It is this alone that disturbs you.

There is absolutely no sense in disturbing your peace to react to whatever happens in the world, because everything is beyond your control. It’s beyond control because it’s an illusion, one that you, consciousness, created. It doesn’t even exist. It would be as senseless as throwing something at the TV when you don’t agree with the movie you’re watching.

No longer allow your wellbeing to be be conditioned by your opinions. To continue is to be like a dog that’s forever chasing its tail. It must be realized that the peace and happiness that you seek cannot be caught—at least, not with your present perspective and approach.

You must go within and realize your inner sense of calm.

Quiet your mind. Quiet your reactions. Quit your judgemental opinions. Quiet your expectations and assumptions.

Empty yourself of yourself. It must be realized that your self does not exist, as it too is an illusion, just like all of your opinions and perceptions of the world. In fact, your self is the one illusion upon which all others are conceived.

No longer expect anything to be, or behave, in any certain way—in doing so you will only set yourself up for future disappointment. Allow people to simply be as they are and realize that nothing anyone does has anything to do with you whatsoever. None of it. Just leave everything alone.

Be the peace that you desire—but realize that as long as "you" desire it, it cannot be found. Can’t you see? As long as "you" are committed to searching for it, you’ll never be able to realize that you are already that which you seek.

YOU must BE the peace, here and now—both within and without—otherwise peace will never be known.

Still your mind, still your heart.

Be vigilant, earnest and committed to your self-awareness. Observe your mind as it attempts to create a story out of nothing—and ignore it entirely. Do not consider it. Do not hold any attention onto it whatsoever. Let all thoughts pass as quickly as they appear.

Remain focussed on realizing your own awareness and stay centred within your own presence of being. Know yourself to be the empty peaceful awareness that cannot be disturbed by anything that appears within it. You, awareness, are immune to the illusions of the world.

Consider this for a moment: Does a a flag that's waving in the wind disturb you?

Do you feel any emotional reaction to it? Do you have any opinions about how it should, or shouldn’t be? See the world as no different than this. Do not be distracted by the waving and flapping of the world as it goes through its motions. It has nothing to do with you. Just leave it alone. It is doing precisely as it needs to in every possible moment, just as the four winds have long ago pre-determined.

No longer worry about anything that is beyond your control... just relax and go with the flow. The only thing that can be controlled is how you react, in each and every moment. When you let go of everything you think and imagine, and you simply observe life as it unfolds before you, floating wherever it seems to take you, life becomes effortless and joyful.

Quieten yourself. Drop your defences. After all, what do you have to protect? You, awareness, have nothing that could be taken from you, as you are all there truly is. Only the the false self has something to defend; its personality, beliefs, reputation, stature, and success—but you are not any of that.

When the mind no longer reacts to its conditioning, all perceived problems dissolve alongside the false self that created them.

At first, “being quiet” might simply be holding your tongue while in conversation, or not replying in haste, or not participating in gossip, or not challenging someone else’s opinion. But as you ease into the practice of non-reactivity, the mind becomes less noisy and you experience a peaceful and content inner-silence. As your practice deepens, all former agitations become non-existent.

With a quiet mind—empty of the false self—there is nothing left to trigger needless emotional reactions. It’s the subtlest of changes, but also the most profound. When the source of all opinions disappears (the false self), true freedom is found.

Non-reactivity calms the world that’s both inside you, and that’s seemingly outside you.

When this non-reactive essence pervades your entire presence of being, there will be no more arguments, drama, resentment, disrespect, or ill-will. Your inner peace will be contagious and will affect change in the world.

Never forget that you are not the body, nor the mind—as these are merely appearances within you, awareness. You are awareness, but not any of the things you are aware of. You are absolute reality, pure consciousness, a presence of infinite emptiness whose fragrance is one of unlimited love, joy, kindness and compassion.

No longer suffer your false self. You are not a character in the dream of life. You, consciousness, are its creator.

Be still within and know that all is well.