You are already an awakened and enlightened being

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

You are already an awakened and enlightened being, you've just forgotten your original nature.

You don't self-realize it, though, because you suffer from a severe habit of misperception, and it seems to obscure your otherwise-perfect presence of unbound clarity.

You believe you are missing something, but nothing is hidden from you whatsoever, and yet, you think there is.

You have learned to trust the mind's false projections, rather than realizing the beautiful emptiness in which all of its thoughts and beliefs appear.

In truth, the mind doesn’t even exist, nor do any of its creations.

That which requires something else to exist, so that it can, can't claim an independent existence since it remains entirely dependent upon something else for it to be. And so, its existence is just a process of conceptual relativity. It's a function of thought, not reality.

Such a "thing" as the mind, therefore, cannot be the distinct, separate, unique entity that thought believes itself to be. That which is conditioned, as such, cannot be absolute. And that which is not absolute, cannot, therefore, be real; including the mind, the ego, the world, and thought itself.

That is to say; nothing has an independent existence that is separate from the awareness it appears within.

The mind is relative, and so too, is the personal self and the world it perceives. Neither truly exists. It's all a dream within the manifested consciousness in which it all appears. The Self alone is Absolute.

The dream needs awareness, but awareness doesn't need the dream.

You ignore the inherent oneness of awareness—which is Absolute Reality. There is no reality outside of awareness, for it is the undeniable presence that unifies every possible thing within each and every moment.

Awareness is the invisible backdrop onto which all experience appears. Without awareness, nothing could be. All seeming things borrow their apparent reality from this one shared Awareness.

You are a theatre of consciousness.

You see a film that you call "The World and Me", and you take it to be real. But you have forgotten the empty, motionless screen onto which its drama appears, the invisible substance that gives the film its illusion of reality. Without this background of awareness, however, the film of life and its manifested world could not seem to exist.

Without Awareness, no thing could be. It is the only reality there is; all else is a false image appearing within it.

See the unreality of all things, including the mind, its thoughts, its beliefs, the personal "I" it presumes itself to be, and the world it dreams—and leave them all alone.

No longer be concerned with that which isn't real—especially, all thoughts considered, "I" and all things attributed to, "me".

There is no one to be enlightened, and there is no thing or other reality to be awakened. There is only emptiness, being. There is only the bliss of absolute nothingness, dancing as infinite reality.

No longer dismiss or ignore your true nature. Awaken to the absolute reality of your already-awakened awareness, here and now. Be conscious of consciousness.

There is nothing more to find.

You Are That.