You are not your story—silence your inner storyteller

words & Photo by Brian Thompson, photo edit by Jennifer Picard Photography.

You are not your story.

Everything we suffer through in life is due entirely to the personal story we attach onto everything we perceive. It’s never the perceptions themselves that cause our pain however, but the thoughts we attach onto them.

When we insert our perceived sense of self into the phenomena that occurs around us, we separate reality in a way that doesn’t exist—we create a subject (a "me" thought) and an object (a "you","them", "it", or "that" thought). This is not the truth of things however, reality is not divided, it is one.

These thought-objects are just that, thoughts.

In any situation, there is only one thing happening—not two, and not many. The truth is that all things happen concurrently, they co-arise together. Therefore the truth is singular; it's only our perceptions that are infinite. But, perceptions are not the truth.

When we create a subject and object distinction within our minds, we manufacture a duality within reality that isn’t truly there.

It is this false sense of duality that separates us from the truth of our being, through a personalized story that posits us at the epicentre of everything we experience—but reality does not revolve around us, nor does any event happen directly to us—things just happen. There's no need to concoct a story about every little thing that enters into our field of awareness.

In reality, there’s no story we need to tell ourselves whatsoever—words are spoken, people do things, nature does what it does—stuff happens.

No ego necessary, no story needed.

This isn’t some far-fetched esoteric philosophy, this is the only truth you need to know to awaken you from the dream (and drama) you’re stuck within—and it’s a truth you can verify for yourself.

Witness your thoughts. Watch them as they unfold. Observe how you mentally distinguish things as being separate from you, rather than being one with everything you perceive.

This concept of separation, which you’ve built entirely within your own mind, does not exist.

Experience is unified, it is inclusive of all people, places, events, occurrences, and things. You cannot remove yourself from any experience, you are right there in the midst of it, included in it. You cannot claim that you are just the witness, as the witness is one with whatever is being witnessed—in truth, there is only the witnessing itself, which is one with the totality of any experience.

Every experience is one—absolute and whole—inclusive of everything.

The rain isn’t falling on YOU, just to ruin your freshly pressed clothes—the rain is simply falling. Anything beyond that is just a made-up story.

That man didn’t cut YOU off in traffic, just to intentionally make YOU mad—a car simply moved in front of the one you were driving. Anything beyond that is just a made-up story.

That clerk wasn’t rude to YOU—words were simply spoken. Anything beyond that is just a made-up story.

Our conscious mind weaves a pretty convincing and overly-dramatic tale, one which most people will never escape from. However, the perpetual storytelling that consumes us can be undone.

When we choose to see straight through the false duality of our perceptions, a great weight is lifted from our shoulders.

In doing so, we discover that we no longer need to wrap our emotions in senseless fiction. We no longer need to be so utterly consumed by a story that isn’t actually there.

We can choose to experience every experience fully and completely, without confusing things by a story we tether to our precious ego. After all, the stories we consume ourselves with are merely one-sided, flawed memories which we’ve mistakenly applied our conceptual identity onto. It’s all just vapour of the mind—none of it is real.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that cause our emotional pain, not our actual experiences.

Be free from the thing within that creates all of your suffering.

You are not your story—silence your inner storyteller.