You are the Silence

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

You are the Silence. You are the Presence. You are the Emptiness.

You are the Awareness that permeates all that Is. You are the Consciousness in which the entire universe appears.

Abide in your presence of being, the foundation of Absolute Reality itself—that invisible silence that peacefully rests underneath every experience, sensation, and perception; that accepts all that Is—and know that you are That.

There is nothing outside of you—everything is contained within your immutable essence; the undeniable echo of infinity.

You—this consciousness that is dreaming this dream—is all there truly Is. You are both the dreaming of the dream and the dream itself. You are everyone and everything. It’s all You—the one true Self that all things share; the Ultimate Reality that lends its existence to all that Is.

Understand your present-moment knowing to be the self-realization it already Is.