You are this precise moment

words & image by Brian Thompson.

Why do you make everything so complicated?

Why make life so difficult by wrapping it inside one concept after another? Why do you insist on making everything so hard for yourself by not allowing things to just be as they are?

Drop every idea you have about yourself and the world. You are not the noise that appears within mind. You are not anything you might think.

Just be still. Keep quiet.

Be the silence that forever listens. Be the spacious presence of seeing—without applying any thought onto what is seen. Be only the aware presence in which all perceiving appears.

Be empty. This is it what it means to be full and complete.

Be empty of any inner conjecture, rhetoric and discernment. Be empty of any criticism, desire and fear. Be empty of any self-identity and self-analysis.

Be empty. Do no entertain any subjective nonsense of mind.

Just let all thoughts pass. You are the blissful space of nothingness in which they seem to appear.

No longer identify with anything other than as the witness of all that seems to be. You are this aware presence, not anything that appears within it. Witness your thoughts, observe the happenings of the world, but be free of all of them.

Be free of all concepts. Stop all story-telling.

Realize that no drama can exist without you, for you bring all drama into being.

You bring countless things into false existence simply by your belief in them. These are your struggles. Be empty of your delusions. Simply watch your concepts arise within mind and then allow them to freely pass, unhindered by any attention to them.

You are confused by life because you try to deconstruct each moment with endless speculation. Your noisy mind divides you from the very peace you seek. You must do nothing other than quiet the mind. No longer engage in its inner dialogue and debate.

This requires no effort. What does require effort however, is your endless grasping at mind's constantly running narrative. Just let it all go.

Life isn’t to be analyzed, it’s to be felt—in the present. It’s to be lived, in the only moment there is—here and now.

In this very moment, when all thoughts have been dropped, you are free. You are already self-realized.

Imagination is not needed to know who you are are. It is your ideas that cause you to be confused.

Drop them all.

The truth of you is what remains after all concepts have been abandoned. Know yourself as the aware emptiness of infinite potentiality in which the entirety of the cosmos appears.

Open your heart and allow the universe to truly be felt. One breath at a time. There is nothing other than this. You are this precise moment.

You are all there is, as all things are contained with you.