You create your world with the contents of your consciousness

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your suffering is self-created.

What you fear is always within your own mind, not within the world.

You can only suffer from your own imagination, or rather, from the stories you tell yourself, about yourself. You suffer only from your own subjective self-opinion on how you believe things should be. And so, when the world doesn’t go the way you want, you suffer from your apparent loss of control. You suffer from the conceptual notion that you did something wrong and that the entire world has been turned upside down.

But here’s the rub—you’ve never had any control to begin with. The world will do whatever it pleases. Any sense of control that you’ve previously thought you had was merely a coincidence; it was an illusion of mind.

You create the world you live in with the contents of your own consciousness.

This is you where you truly live, within consciousness. This is your home, so make it a safe place, a peaceful place, a loving place, a welcoming and non-judgemental place.

Create a happy home within yourself, as your Self.

Whatever you imagine about yourself, others or the world, exists solely within your own mind. Through your beliefs you create your very own universe, one that is virtual only.

With every opinion you hold, you push the truth of reality even further away.

No one but you exists within the dreamworld you create. You build it through all of the beliefs you attach your sense-of-self onto, and that you also then define your happiness by. You build it with everything you conceptually believe to be true, including all of your personal stories, preferences, philosophies, perspectives, memories, experiences, assumptions, and expectations.

Your suffering is entirely your own—it's a personal response that is directly relative to however you react to the non-personal events that occur around you. If you make something personal, then it becomes personal. Poof! Suffering is born.

Therefore, if you change your mind, you change your world. No one can make you suffer, but you.

If you continue to attach your sense of well-being directly onto whatever spontaneously happens in the world, rather than your own presence of awareness, then you will never be able to know peace or happiness. Living like this, as most people do, you will live your days only reacting to that which is outside of you, rather than abiding in the ever-present peace that is always within you.

Your true nature is one of peace, love, joy, compassion and harmony. It is the ever-searching mind that thinks otherwise.

Realize your inner-truth and be free.

Identify yourself with the blissful and serene inner-consciousness that is your essential nature, and not with anything the ego-mind conceptualizations and then wraps the world inside of, which only obscures the beauty of reality, resulting only in fear, confusion, suffering, and discontent.