Your problems are sustained by your resistance to them

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your problems are sustained only by your resistance to them.

A so-called “personal problem” can only exist when you resist whatever might be occurring. Acceptance however, dissolves all perceived troubles and worries.

When you resist something, you effectively push back against what IS—reality itself—which then naturally creates tension within yourself. You perceive this duality (caused by your preferences) as being a problem, however, the only problem is your resistance to reality itself.

It is your very resistance to a situation that creates your perception of a problem. Without you believing that something is “wrong”, there is no problem to be experienced.

It must therefore be realized that all problems are created by mind, as perceived by the illusory, separate self that you believe yourself to be.

And this is precisely why we should endeavour to only abide in our true self—choiceless, non-dual awareness—a perspective of being that has no limits, that is all-accepting, and that is free of any judgement, preference, or opinion.

It is only our false sense of self that wants things to be a certain way, who then becomes upset when reality doesn’t match its exact expectations.

Abiding in pure awareness however, has no assumptions. It is choiceless. It is selfless. It allows the mind to respond to circumstances as it needs to, without any extra baggage of unnecessary thought folded into the mix.

Know this: your upset emotions are real, but the thoughts that create them are not.

If we don’t learn to control our mind, then we become trapped within the confines of a relentlessly critical false self who desires to create problems out of thin air. This is an extremely exhausting way to live.

But when we learn to abide in our awareness alone, without any concern of the sense of self and its desperate clinging to mental attachments, our state of being becomes imbued with peace, love, and understanding—free of any personal problems.

Empty your mind of how you want things to be, and accept what is.