Your self is an illusion

worsd & design by Brian Thompson.

Duality is an illusion of mind. WE are already ONE.

In truth, you are at odds with nothing. The only thing that divides you is your belief that you are separate.

Call the search off, you are already home! You are already that which you seek.

Realize that there is no personal “self” for you to doubt, nor is there is a personal “self” who needs to be more confident, nor is there any other attribute which your “self” seems to lack. There is no “self” to improve! There is no “self” who needs to find self-love, because you already ARE Love!

Any identity that you believe yourself to be (or that you desire to be), is not real.

Any thought of your “self” that you might conceive of is an imagining of mind that’s created from memories, knowledge, and experiences of the past—none of which are presently real. The only thing that is true, is the here and now—and you are the only presence there is that perceives That.

Reality is not relative or subjective; it is not anything that can be mentally conditioned—it is Absolute in its non-duality—and this includes you, because you are That.

Nothing exists outside of You, as You are all that Is.

Appearances have no independent existence on their own—they are all an illusion of mind, in mind, through mind. Form is formless, formless is form. No-thing is as it appears. All being is one of non-being. All somethings arise from nothing.

This is the Universal Truth.

When you finally allow all searching and striving to end, you become able to rest in the peace that is already the true nature of your very being. You only need to forget your self—or rather, the false identity you’ve created for yourself (within your own mind).

Forget your imagined self so that you can realize your True Self—the infinite and eternal presence of Awareness that you already are.

Can you see how you are consciousness perceiving itself?

You are the spacious emptiness in which every experience happens in, but not to. The world doesn’t happen to you, the world happens through you!

You are the Universal Consciousness through which all appearances and experiences are created from and flow. You are your own Creator. You are your own Creation. You are That. You are the unbound presence of Peace, Love, and Happiness in which all that IS exists.

Un-clutter yourself.

Observe your very own presence in the perfect solitude of silence. This is where the Self abides. Empty your mind and abide in the bliss of your untethered being. Quieten your mind!

No longer live through your mind’s eye—abide in your true “I”, your infinite presence of being, your I AM, that always IS.

The more concepts you attach onto your happiness the more you will obscure it underneath layers of delusional thought.

Happiness needs no prerequisite—it already IS your true nature.

Realize your Self. Be aware of your own awareness. Perceive your own perceiving.

No longer be attached to the images of the world—they only flicker and fade, leaving you grieving and wanting more—the cycle of hedonic habituation never ends. Instead, abide in the presence of Self through which all images and forms arise and become known.

Know your Self to be the knowing that knows.

See that all appearances are only a dream of mind. None of what you see is real. It’s all momentary, impermanent and false—a product of your own projection. The things of the world have no reality outside of your awareness of them.

No longer rely upon conceptualization, speculation or assumption—such thought patterns only divide you from your True Self, placing you behind imagined and limiting walls of desire, worry, anxiety, sadness and fear.

Liberate yourself in your own Self-Realization. Know that You lack no-thing.

The Truth needs no words. Reality needs no reason to be. Love needs no thought.

You are the Universe perceiving itself. You are the bliss of consciousness, being. No longer divide yourself from that which you already are.

Abide peacefully in, I AM.