Your thoughts belittle your truth

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“What is that exists now and troubles you? It is "I". Get rid of it and be happy.”
—Ramana Maharshi

As long as you continue to think in terms of "I am this" or "I am that"—or rather... I am sad, I am angry, I am lacking, I am unworthy... then you will continue to have your inner wellbeing to be distorted by false opinions of how you perceive "you" fit into the subjective dream world that you imagine.

Be rid of your never-ending self-interest or you will continue to be bound by the suffering of character traits that don't actually exist.

No longer be concerned about the "self" that you imagine yourself to be, it is merely a distortion of thought. The identity you conceive of yourself limits you and keeps you stuck in a false definition of your un-definable true Self.

Your thoughts belittle your truth.

As long as you continue to dwell upon your own image of self, then you will continue to be distracted from that which is real—the here and now, which includes whatever energy-of-presence you bring into your awareness of the present moment's unfolding.

Your endless worrying about your ideas of who you are, how yo feel, what you lack or what others might think, separates you from the undeniable happiness that is already at the very core of your being.

Allow your peaceful presence of awareness to no longer be clouded by ego, by the false sense of a self that is separate from the rest of the world.

Abide fully and completely in the totality of the non-duality of this infinite moment—the eternal now.

Perceive only that which is real—the here and now—be unvexed by any divisive thoughts of the "I" you might imagine.