My name's Brian Thompson and I'm a Zen vegan poet, living on a mountain by the sea, writing about our common state of being, non-duality and infinity.

I'm author of the soon-to-be-released book, Sparks to Awaken.

My work explores the nature of conscious awareness and offers personal insight into the spiritual practices of self-inquiry, self-awareness, mindfulness and achieving inner stillness.

What you'll find on Zen Thinking are profound pointers to help you awaken to your own true Self—one that's free from self-inflicted suffering.

Everything I offer is an expression of my own experiential understandings. My teachings are dogma-free, inspired through the ancient non-dual wisdom of Zen, Advaita, Buddhism and Taoism.

Begin your journey into awakening Now. 

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When I'm not writing, I'm usually wandering the beautiful mountains, forests and beaches of my home on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, along with my beautiful and talented girlfriend Jennifer, my dog Koda, and our two cats, Winston and Mister Man.