2015 podcast update

debut episode coming soon

a quick little podcast update from me.

aside from working on my new book, i've also been busy brainstorming ideas for the upcoming debut of The Zen Thinking Podcast.

for anyone who used to listen to my daily podcast, i'm planning on doing something similar to that, but on a weekly basis.

i'd love to have your input though, because after all, this is for you — the listener!

are there any subjects or themes you're hoping to hear me talk about?

are you interested in interviews? or do you prefer to just hear me pontificate on my own, as i did with my daily podcast?

send me a comment with your thoughts via twitter or facebook — i can't wait to hear them!

while i get the first few episodes ready, don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, or via RSS on your platform of choice.

talk to you soon.