The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 57 — Transmuting Suffering Into Awareness

This week's episode is about understanding the nature of pain, no matter if its physical or emotional, and why we suffer from it.

Pain happens. But suffering? That's a choice.

To suffer means to self-identify with both the pain and its apparent causal factors. In doing so, you create a story for yourself, within mind, where you are the sufferer—where you are the victim that something has personally happened to.

However, life doesn't have to be perceived in such a way.

With a practice of mindfulness and self-inquiry, all suffering can be transmuted into the presence of awareness in which it appears—which is, the Self.

And so, like all other challenges in life, pain can be realized as just another opportunity to awaken from the dream of mind.

In this episode I discuss the following pieces that I've recently published on Zen Thinking:

To be liberated from pain is to surrender to it completely

You create your world with the contents of your consciousness

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.