The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 66 — Awaking to Unconditioned Presence

This week's podcast focusses on recognizing all of the things which condition you—in other words, whatever causes you to emotionally react.

As you observe yourself and become aware of your reactions to people, places, or things, you begin to isolate the ego. You become aware of its false presence.

As you transcend your habitual reactions to the mind and the world, you also begin to transcend the ego. In doing so, you move beyond being stuck in a conditioned and reactionary egoic state, to one of pure, unconditioned presence—at peace with both yourself and the world.

This episode includes readings of the following recently-published works from the Zen Thinking website:

Know Your Own Nothingness

Nothing is Personal

How do you end all stress, sadness & anxiety?

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.