The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 76 — All is Well

This week's episode is entirely spontaneous without any planned topics and without any featured readings.

I didn't know where this "go-with-the-flow" talk would take me, but I ended up discussing the phrase, "All is well"—which is, in a nutshell, the absolute truth of reality.

All is well.

It is only the false "I" that believes otherwise.

The imagined separate self, which the mind asserts into your life as the persistent I-thought, which attaches itself onto the world in a perceived position of duality, will always define itself (and its happiness) in varying states of conceptual opposition.

See through the false duality of your being. Realize the perfect, peaceful and quiet presence of your true Self—Pure Consciousness, Absolute Awareness.

As always, this episode is best listened to in total silence, free of distractions.

Dive deep into your innermost self. Expose the untruths which you've been clinging to, and realize That which is ever-present... which is, all is well.

Thanks for listening.

Much love,