The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 64 — Abiding within awareness, rather than thought

In this week’s new episode I discuss being mindful of your knowing presence. After all, your sense of knowingness is your Self. Unfortunately, however, we are continually distracted from it by that which appears within it.

As we navigate through our daily lives it’s easy to become lost within, and consumed by, the mind’s thoughts. It is the mind’s habitual nature to divide everything it experiences apart from the awareness which is perceiving, and it then brandishes these conceptual discernments with all sorts of egoic beliefs and opinions.

By abiding in your presence of awareness, however, while not being distracted and involved with any of the mind’s divisive chatter, we become free of the ego’s false projections.

When you remain in awareness, as awareness, you no longer view the world as being separate from you—it is found to be just another part of you.

When you know your knowingness to be all that Is, everything is realized to be your own self-reflection.

This episode includes readings of the following pieces which I've recently published:

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Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.