The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 67 — Know Your Self as Infinite Presence

This week's episode points towards the aware presence of your true Self.

Ever since you were young you were taught that you were that face in the mirror—that "that" image is you!

You've then lived your entire life in relation to what you think about that image, always comparing your apparent appearance to everyone else, what it has, and what it has not.

But, this image in the mirror is not your direct experience of actually being yourself.

Your actual experience is one of infinite presence, an unlimited field of awareness in which all things appear—including your supposed self-image.

To believe that you are a moving image in the mirror is to limit yourself needlessly. Your presence then constricts around an imagined concept, and you become virtually lost within it.

Awaken to Presence.

Find freedom and happiness within the clear awareness of your Self, no longer be distracted by whatever appears within it.

This episode includes readings of the following recently-published works from the Zen Thinking website:

When you become lost in the world of forms, you forget your true formlessness.

Leave the I behind

Embracing the profound wisdom of, "I don't Know"

Be the presence, not the person

No Experience is True

Smile with the heart, not the mind

The only chaos is that which stirs within the mind

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.