The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 72 — Seeing through the Dream of the Personal Self

In this week's new episode I share some pointers to help awaken you to your true nature, which is a peaceful presence of pure consciousness, free from the mind's dream-like influence.

Our continual stream of thoughts seem to rule our every waking moment, but, life doesn't have to be this way.

We don't have to be so overwhelmed by the mind and its contents. We don't have to be troubled by the thoughts the ego projects, nor do we have to identify with any of the emotions that seem to flow through us.

We always have a choice—a choice to not react to the mind and to, instead, abide only in our presence of awareness, empty of influence.

I hope this episode helps point you towards knowing your truth of being—that which is always here and now.

This episode includes readings of the following recently-published works from the Zen Thinking website:

Reader Question: Is what we see a dream or reality?

Reader Question: How do I overcome bad thoughts?

How do these pointers help me to cope with day-to-day life?

Reader Question: Is the world just a dream?

Spiritual practice can become just another distraction

When the mind moves, you stay put

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