The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 55 — Understanding Your Own Aware Presence

In this week's new episode I investigate the nature of what it means to exist, using the Advaita practice of Self-Inquiry (or, Atma Vichara).

Through self-inquiry, the idea of the personal "me" is revealed to be nothing other than a mis-perceived concept, one that "you" have mistakenly identifed yourself with, and as.

When this understanding is absolutely realized and known, without any doubt whatsoever, then all other "personal" conceptualizations dissolve along with the illusion in which they existed—including any previous sense of personal separation, division, confusion, emotional distress, or existential quandry.

When the truth of your intimate and aware presence is truly realized, you become free—liberated from all egoic suffering and delusion.

In this episode I discuss the following pieces that I've recently published on Zen Thinking:

What is this feeling of I, that I believe I am?

The mind’s imagined duality and its subsequent self-hypnosis

Investigating Your Intimate Experience of Existing

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.