The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 69 — The Formless Presence of Being

Underneath every concept of yourself and the world, there exists a still and silent presence of Being which is ever-present.

This is your true Self—a pure and unconditioned Presence.

This aware presence that you are is the universal principle that gives every experience, every perception, and every sensation their appearance of reality. It is this principle alone that is a reality, while everything else is merely a brief appearance of mind within it.

When we forget our true formlessness, however, we suffer. We suffer because we become lost in the world of forms which the mind has created countless stories around, all of which are a threat to the concept called, "me".

In this episode, I attempt to bring the absolute reality of this underlying consciousness to your attention, so that it can be self-realized in the present-moment, which in turn helps you see through the many delusions created by the egoic mind.

By just observing the mind, and no longer believing in its stories, you dissolve the ego's hold over you. In doing so, you begin to awaken from the dreams in which you appear to suffer.

This episode includes readings of the following recently-published works from the Zen Thinking website:

Forms, Dancing in the Formless

That which knows is that which is known

There's Nothing to Understand

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.